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Based on our original timeline, you should already be able to watch the sequel to Best Laid Plans. Plans went awry of course, but we have finally wrapped production! Now Jason’s sleepless nights begin as he edits (including more extensive post sound work than we’ve ever done before). Within a month we expect to hold a world premiere screening somewhere in Atlanta. Shortly after that the film will show up here and on every video hosting site we can find.

As for future projects, we’ll soon begin production on Caught Red Handed: 3D, a sequel to the first two Caught Red Handed films (which we hope to have online soon). After that we’re working on a film hour serial which Jason is writing right this very minute.

On a more technical note, we’ve finally done some work on the backend which should see us updating this news page more than twice a year.

That’s all for now. As always, if you’d like to help us out, drop us a line at