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1st day of filming!So the first day of filming is over. I think it went very well. I was happy with what we got. It’s been a long long time since I’ve had a project this massive in the works so it will be interesting and frustrating watching it come together slowly over the course of a year.

Good performances all around so far. I’m very happy with where David and Ellen at least are in regards to their characters. There’s some definite depth of attention to their roles that really excites me. After Tuesday I should have the other key character, Anne, cast (though if any one else wants to audition, I’d love to set something up), which will be one big hurdle overcome, though that part won’t start shooting for a couple of months.

Tomorrow, more filming and a character meeting with Leo. Tuesday, an audition and hopefully logging and capturing footage (and likely logging footage for “Peter’s Walk” as well). Wednesday, more filming. Thursday, logging and editing (or maybe a day off). Friday, more editing. Saturday, more filming (though at a party, so a bit of work and play mixed together).

Fortunately, school starts soon, which means day job work may be slowing down soon. But I do have to be there in about 8 hours so I am off to slowly fall asleep.