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Feature Film JobsWacko Productions is commencing preproduction on our newest feature length film, Neon Blue Skies. As the first step, we are looking to start hiring the crew. Below is a list of positions to be filled, along with a brief job description.

Preproduction will be happening from now until the approximately mid-February. Production will start then and continue through June. Shooting will mostly take place in the evenings and on weekends. There is no pay involved, but you will receive a copy of the final film.

Camera Department
Camera Operator: You would be in charge of running the camera and alerting the director to any technical problems which occur during a take. You would also assist the cinematographer and be the go between between him and the gaffer. During preproduction, you would assist with camera and lighting tests.

Assistant Camera Operator: You primary job would be to be the right hand of the Camera operator and to assist the gaffer as needed. If the Camera operator is unable to attend a shoot, you would then fill in for him. During preproduction, you would assist with camera and lighting tests.

Gaffer: You would be in charge of setting up and taking down any camera or lighting equipment. On the off chance that the camera operator and his assistant are both unable to attend a shoot, you would be next in line to operate the camera. During preproduction, you would assist with camera and lighting tests.

Makeup & Costume Department
Makeup Artist: During preproduction, you would work closely with the camera department to determine what makeup is needed for the actors. Then, during production, you would be responsible for the application of that makeup.

Assistant Makeup Artist: You would assist the primary Makeup person as needed and fill in if he or she is unable to attend a shoot.

Costumer: You would select and purchase (as necessary) costumes for all roles. You would also be responsible for maintaining the costumes and ensuring that they are available as they are needed.

Assistant Costumer: You would aid the Costumer as necessary, and fill in when he or she is unable to attend a shoot.

Production Department
Producer’s Assistant: You would be the right hand man (or woman) of the producer and perform any tasks he requires, which may include such jobs as confirming schedules with cast and crew, securing any equipment, running off copies of the script, etc.

Continuity: Your job would be twofold. First, you would always have the script in hand to prompt the director or actors as called upon. Second, you would document any elements of a shot, such as props, costumes, etc., for purposes of maintaining continuity between shots.

Assistant Director: You’d be in charge of ensuring that the cast and crew are all present when they are suppose to be and are on task. You would also lend a hand to the director as he needs you.

Location Manager: You would be in charge of securing locations needed for production and being the contact person for the production.

Location Scout(s): You would be responsible for finding any locations needed and reporting them to the Location Manager. You would not be speaking with the owner/manager/residents of any locations, just finding the places.

Set Designer/Decorator: You be in charge of preping any sets or locations and dressing them as necessary. During preproduction, you would work with the camera department to ensure that the sets and lighting mesh properly and work to convey the desired mood for each scene. You would also work with the Location Manager to be sure that any locations match the sets and will work to create the proper atmosphere for a scene.

Assistant Set Decorator: You would aid the Set Decorator as called upon and fill in when he or she is unavailable.

Post Department
Assistant Editor: You would lend a hand to the Editor, which would include logging shots, editing, color timing, etc.

Please, please, if you know anyone at all, who is interested in working on a film crew, put them in touch with me. We need to fill these positions as soon as we can so we can get rolling on this. If you’re interested in doing something for the production not listed here, please let me know what you want to do.

Email me:


Feature Film Positions to FillHowdy,

Below is a list of crew positions Wacko Productions needs for our upcoming feature film, Neon Blue Skies. If you are interested in taking on any of these jobs, please contact me before November 15th and let me know. Production is scheduled to start January 2nd and continue through June.

Most of these positions need to be at every shoot. I know that that’s not possible (I don’t even know how I manage it), hence an assistant position listed for many jobs. The assistant, besides filling normal assistant duties, would basically be an understudy for the primary person and fill in when that person is unavailable.

Since I am trying to run this production in a professional manner, I (as producer) will be making the final decision on who does what job (just saying you want a job doesn’t guarantee you get it). That being said, I will do my best to give everyone the job they want and won’t make anyone do a job they don’t want.

And feel free to volunteer for more than one position.

Production Department
Producer – Jason
Producer’s Assistant –
Writer – Jason
Director – Jason
Assistant Director –
Continuity –

Camera Department
Cinematographer – Jason
Camera Operator –
Assistant Camera Operator –
Gaffer –

Costume/Make-up Department
Make up –
Assitant Make up –
Costumer –
Assistant Costumer –

Set Department
Property Master –
Asisstant Props –
Location Manager –
Location Scouts –
Set Decorator –
Assistant Set Decorator –

Editing Department
Editor – Jason
Assistant Editor –

If you want to know what responsibilities each position has, contact me and I’ll let ya know

Jason Wade