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New year, new blog post, and this one’s a quickie: aren’t y’all lucky?

To help ring in the new year, Wacko Productions has released its first two viral videos. “The Hot Seat with Shoulder Angel & Shoulder Devil” is available on Youtube and Myspace (as well as any of our usual haunts), and is a new series.

Word has it that this started when Sasha (who helped crew “Of Vice and Hitmen” as a streetlight, among other things) twisted Jason, Mike, and Aya’s (and her own) arms to make an improv video, featuring Aya’s wonderfully crafted sock puppets of Shoulder Angel and Shoulder Devil.

Mind you, “Of Vice and Hitmen” is still being worked on. There’s even a secret deadline we’re trying to make, so keep us on your radar.

If you would like to sit in The Hot Seat, or help out in any other way, send an email to