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in need of a producerCame to a realization recently that I am not a bad director as I had halfway thought for a while now. I am a bad producer. I had considered not going public with this thought (as it ties into some other thoughts about which I’m not yet speaking), but it points to an immediate need, so here it is.

I need to “hire” a producer to work on the feature film project Neon Blue Skies and I need to do it right now.

It’s a job that is often misunderstood, so here are a couple of links to job descriptions. In short, it doesn’t mean you’ll be paying for the film (or getting paid, no one is), but that you will be managing and supervising the production and post-production. Hence if you’ve never worked in a supervisory position, then it’s probably not for you. It will require some time, though if several people are interested the duties can perhaps be split. And due to the nature of the position, those who aren’t local might be able to do this job as well.

As I said I will be “hiring” for this so there will be something of an interview.

If you’re interested, please contact me ASAP, jason at wackoproductions dot net or call me.

(For other Wacko Productions members: I’m going straight to the public with this because we need to get this rolling as quick as possible and all of you have a good deal to do already with acting. If you’re interested in taking this on though, let me know. I will want to have as many of you present as possible for the interview step and will tape it for those that aren’t there. And please pass this info along to those not who aren’t on here.)