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Feature Film Positions to FillHowdy,

Below is a list of crew positions Wacko Productions needs for our upcoming feature film, Neon Blue Skies. If you are interested in taking on any of these jobs, please contact me before November 15th and let me know. Production is scheduled to start January 2nd and continue through June.

Most of these positions need to be at every shoot. I know that that’s not possible (I don’t even know how I manage it), hence an assistant position listed for many jobs. The assistant, besides filling normal assistant duties, would basically be an understudy for the primary person and fill in when that person is unavailable.

Since I am trying to run this production in a professional manner, I (as producer) will be making the final decision on who does what job (just saying you want a job doesn’t guarantee you get it). That being said, I will do my best to give everyone the job they want and won’t make anyone do a job they don’t want.

And feel free to volunteer for more than one position.

Production Department
Producer – Jason
Producer’s Assistant –
Writer – Jason
Director – Jason
Assistant Director –
Continuity –

Camera Department
Cinematographer – Jason
Camera Operator –
Assistant Camera Operator –
Gaffer –

Costume/Make-up Department
Make up –
Assitant Make up –
Costumer –
Assistant Costumer –

Set Department
Property Master –
Asisstant Props –
Location Manager –
Location Scouts –
Set Decorator –
Assistant Set Decorator –

Editing Department
Editor – Jason
Assistant Editor –

If you want to know what responsibilities each position has, contact me and I’ll let ya know

Jason Wade